Dinner Plates.

$1.50 each (250 available)

Salad Plates

$1.50 each (250 available)

Dessert Plates

$1 each (250 available)

Soup Bowlsgg

$1 each (160 available)

Berry Bowls

$1 each (150 available) – Perfect for ice cream!

Teacups & Saucerscups

$1 per set (100 available) – For a beautiful coffee service after dinner, or perhaps a luncheon.

Serving Pieces

Gorgeous creamers, sugar bowls, gravy boats and serving platters in various sizes.IMG_0477

$5 each

Two stunning silver coffee pots available, each with matching sugar bowl and creamer.

$10 each

Dessert Stands

Classic Stand: $5 each

Three-Tiered Pie or Treat Stand: $10.

Cloth Napkins

$10 per dozen (200 available) - Beautiful and vibrant napkins made from vintage fabrics.  Such a pretty addition to a table!


For any event with no catering staff, this package is required. You get two Rad Crockery employees to diligently collect the china when dessert is over and safely repack all items. This allows you to dance the night away, knowing everything is taken care of!

If your event is catered but you want some assistance with our delicate inventory, you may add this option. When dinner service begins we’ll station ourselves in the scullery,ready to collect and repack inventory after each course.


We deliver within 50 miles of Seattle, and delivery fee is a $50 flat rate. If a ferry trip is required, the cost of the ferry trip will be added also. We pick up the collection immediately following the event.

All items are washed, packed and delivered table-ready.

Contact Crockery HQ for further information!